Community action:

'My Green Investment'  is a Community Interest Company with the primary ambition of increasing renewable energy installations by assisting communities to identify, develop and invest in their own renewable energy projects.

By assisting communities to install renewable energy projects not only can they save carbon, but also receive good rates of return on investment and provide an additional funding pot for further community projects.

We want to:

  • Get more renewable energy projects installed, generating low carbon energy
  • Assist people to invest in the green economy and get returns on their investment
  • Bring community benefit from renewables and energy consumption reduction
  • Support communities to be a local energy generation stakeholder
  • local projects, local power, local income

A community can be a local group, school, church or sports club. At My Green Investment we can help you through the steps of our community energy ladder:

There are many groups out there developing projects - see if there's one near you. FOE Green Britain map

Building community energy projects:

 More great resources from:

Community projects and reports:

Esk Valley - a low carbon future (10 year plan)

Esk Valley renewable energy feasibility study

Sustainable Saltaire - ten year plan

Anahat energy and Totnes biofuels and sustainable transport study

OVESCO - LEAF combined heat and power study

Community renewable energy projects

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